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The apps solution

Dramatically reduce the time and cost of building mobile apps with a robust mobile back-end server, cross-platform SDKs, and UI prototypes generated in human-readable, editable native code. No proprietary run-time components: you have full, source code level control of your data, server, and app, without platform lock-in. No coding skills? No problem, be creative and build an app for your customer without the hard part.

Build apps for customers

SMB’s have heard about the benefits of a mobile app for reaching customers. Rather than relying on customers to find them online, businesses with an app can earn a presence on a consumer’s smartphone or tablet. However, to be successful, an app must offer something a consumer finds useful (and easy) enough to download it. It should do more than simply provide one-time-use information that could easily be accessed on a website. An app can actually engage with its customers.

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What will it cost for your customer to have an app and engage with its customer?

  • Plan 1
  • $250

    per month
  • Basic Blocks
  • Limited Blocks
  • Basic Design Options
  • Plan 2
  • $400

    per month
  • Basic & Advanced Blocks
  • Unlimited Blocks
  • Advanced Design Options
  • Data Import
  • Web Services
  • Business Logic

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